Purpose of Preplanning


Planning a funeral within hours of a loved one’s death can be a very difficult experience.  There are many details to attend to, several thousand of dollars spent and critical decisions must be made at a time when people are least able to make them.  It is estimated that there are at least 50 separate decisions involved within the first 24 hours of losing a loved one, and most of these could have been made in advance.


Planning your funeral in advance removes much of the burden from your family.  This gives you the opportunity to involve your family and discuss your wishes with them.  Planning ahead gives you and your family time to arrange for special unique ways to celebrate your life.  With foresight, your funeral arrangements can be designed to comfort your loved ones so they are not burdened with a lot of details at the time of need.


Benefits of Preplanning


Preplanning allows you to express your own wishes so there is no doubt or conflict among your surviving family members.


Pre funding your funeral relieves your family of the financial burden at the time of death.  It is projected that funeral cost will more than double over the next 15 years and more than triple in the next 25 years.  The financial advantage of pre paying your funeral at today’s cost is protecting it from inflation.


Once you have made your plans, the information will be kept on file with the funeral home of your choice.


Planning in advance allows a family to focus on the beautiful memories of your life rather than the details of your death.


Knowing everything is taken care of will give both you and your family Peace of Mind.


Ways to Preplan


Funerals may be planned in advance by simply setting up an appointment with a  Preplanning Counselor to discuss what your wishes are concerning your funeral or memorial service.  They can meet you at your home, the funeral home or some other location of your choice.


 Providing your funeral home with some basic ideas of what you want included in the services being planned in advance can be very helpful to those you Love at the time of death especially if your plans are in detail.  The funeral home will record all the information you share and keep it on file and updating may be done at any time.



Pay in Advance


Each year, over a million funerals are planned and paid for in advance.  One good reason is that it is much easier for your loved ones left behind.  Your expressed wishes will be carried out, and it will relieve the financial burden on your family.


Another good reason is that paying in advance locks in the cost for the funeral/memorial services you have planned.  The funds you invest are kept in a protected Funeral Trust Account and even if a funeral home should go out of business these funds are transferable to another firm. 


In most circumstances, the family will not have to pay more in the future for the services and the merchandise paid for at today’s cost, no matter what happens with inflation the insurance policy will increase in value at least at the rate of inflation.  If there is more in the account than the funeral costs at the time of need, any difference will be returned to the estate or to your beneficiary with the exception of medicaid individuals.


Often people ask if they can preplan their funeral without having to pay for it at the time. Yes, you can.  We will make sure to keep a record of your information and selections without cost or obligations to you.


Preplanning Counselor or Funeral Director


The preplanning counselor or funeral director will show you a complete list of their personalized services and merchandise available and the current price for each of them.  You can decide about visitation burial/cremation, and how and where the services are to be held.  You can also   select the casket, urn, vault, memorial folders, prayer cards and special verses.  You may choose as many of your preferences in advance as you desire, at no cost to you.


The Funeral Home of your choice can provide you with all of the personalized options available to you for planning and funding your arrangements.


Our Objective is to assure that your services are a Reflection of the Life you Lead. 

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